Groovy Electric Alt-Folk 

Chart-Topping Alternative Folk Duo

Soulful harmonies. Layered guitars. Deep grooves.


"Cosmic Spin’s unconventional reimagining of classic songs is refreshingly inventive and a welcome feast for the famished ear. Great grooves and rich harmonies frame their folky, soulful, retro-modern and psychedelic-hipster blend."    
                                                        — Dean Krippaehne, gold and platinum songwriter/film composer (All Screen Music)

"Cosmic Spin delightfully tweaks the concept of a folky duo, masterfully rearranging hits into lush, soulful, fun and psychedelic escapades."   
                                                         — Sheldon Norberg, Lumen

"People are so impressed that a duo can put out such a gorgeously full sound. Cosmic Spin creates the perfect atmosphere for everyone to share a wide-ranging musical experience. We get rave reviews when they play."                                                                     
                                                       — Rosenblum Cellars, Oakland
"Cosmic Spin is AMAZING. The sound, the vibe, the playing is totally different than all the mechanical stuff being done these days. So it."   
                                                        — Enrico De Paoli, multi-Grammy-winning music engineer (Ray Charles, Al Jarreau, Aaron Neville)

"Cosmic Spin's music is like nothing you will hear anywhere else. If you love harmonies - their sound is elegant and rich. They cover classic songs and timeless tunes with a unique twist. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to expand their listening horizons."   
                                                        — Michele Riley, Phoenix, AZ (more fan comments below)

Bookers: Cosmic Spin travels as a self-contained unit with a full-range sound system perfect for intimate and mid-sized venues. Or they can provide a pre-mixed stereo feed directly into any event sound system.
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Upcoming Northern California Show

Cosmic Spin • Live at Wine & Waffles • Saturday, April 22, 2023 • 7-9 pm

Cosmic Spin • Live at Wine & Waffles • Saturday, April 22, 2023 • 7-9 pm



Cosmic Spin's original #1 song — Messenger

Available today — click image to Hear Now

Messenger single — click image to access

Messenger single — click image to access

"Hitting the charts with an original composition titled Messenger, Cosmic Spin incorporates a texturized groove that opts out of the robotic formula in today's genres. The refreshing sound caresses the heart and soul of those who tap in. Messenger tells a tale, spreads themes of acceptance, and ultimately funnels an outpouring of thoughts and emotions. It's a buffet that nourishes any ear willing to listen."   —

Time of the Season Single 

The Zombies' classic takes a Cosmic Spin — Click image to Hear Now

Time of the Season single — click image to access

Time of the Season single — click image to access

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